Hypnobirthing Mother and baby
HypnoBirthing & Imagery classes for an empowering and joyful birth

Birthing with HypnoBirthing?

Birth is a sacred moment that can bring joy and empowerment to every woman.  The female body is an incredible mechanism, designed to create new life and birth easily, quickly and even pain free. When body and mind work in perfect harmony, such birth is rather possible. Focus your mind and the body will follow. This is where HypnoBirthing comes to help.

''HypnBirthing is made of a lot of simple things but put together they make a very big difference.''

Why choose HypnoBirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete holistic antenatal education which will support you through your journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. By using Hypnobirthing, every mum is able to achieve the best possible birth for her, regardless if it is completely natural or assisted. These techniques will be always at hand to use in any other daily life situations that are not birth related so you can feel more confident and relaxed. All fathers are warmly invited as well. They can learn how to be useful in this very special moment and how to best help and support their partners.

HypnoBirthing Courses

Your Dream Birth Hypnobirthing offers hypnobirthing and imagery classes in Crawley and West Sussex & Surrey.  The complete course is a 10 hour program of expert antenatal  birth preparation tuition.  The package also includes:

  • The HypnoBirthing book by  Katharine Graves, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

  • Colour & Calmness HypnoBirthing CD by Katharine Graves

  • KG Antenatal Training Course Manual, which includes all the material we will cover with scripts & handouts

  • Ongoing support via Skype, Email, Phone for as long as you need

  • Optional post natal visit

  • Access to pregnancy & birth library

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DreamBirth® Imagery

A powerful, simple and very effective method which used alone or in addition to Hypnobirthing will prepare you in the best possible way for an incredible and inspiring magic dream birth experience.