Hypnobirthing the KG method is a complete holistic antenatal education which includes simple breathing and visualization techniques, basic massage and deep relaxations. The course will give you detailed information about the physiology and psychology of birth and will equip you with essential knowledge of all the medical procedures that can be offered to you.

Birth is a natural experience, so ancient as life itself. Sadly, our modern society has turned this beautiful experience into a life threatening medicalized event. We can see it often on TV, in movies, hear traumatic birth stories from friends&relatives. That is why most of us women have so many misconceptions and fears about birth. Often we have lost the connection with our bodies and our inner feminine wisdom. Instead of taking responsibility and listening to our bodies, we give the control to others and expect them to do our job. We deny the incredible power and ability of our bodies to give birth easily and smoothly, the way Mother Nature has designed them to. Remind yourself - it is Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth and Your responsibility. I welcome you to take control. Hypnobirthing can help you achieve the best birth for you and your baby - Your Dream Birth!

The goal of Hypnobirthing is the expectant mum to free herself from all her fears, to learn to relax and stay calm and allow her body to birth her baby easily and comfortably. Many women can achieve such a wonderful birth without any preparation.  But for the majority, in most cases there is a solid preparation that lies behind. You will need to practice and work on yourself and your beliefs. That is why, it is so important to educate yourself and understand how the female body and mind work during labour and how you can become their faithful servant so they can work in a complete synchrony. Of course, this is the ideal birth but in all other scenarios, the Hypnobirthing techniques will be of invaluable help. With Hypnobirthing, you will able to achieve the best possible birth in any circumstances, regardless if it is completely natural or assisted. These techniques will be always at hand to use in any other daily life situations that are not birth related so you can feel more confident and relaxed.

The course is especially designed for couples. Your partner can be of great help during labor and  can learn how to be useful in this very special moment and how best to support you.

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