DreamBirth® Imagery for Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth

’’There is no greater tool for pregnancy and childbirth than DreamBirth® Imagery.’’

The DreamBirth® Imagery method is a powerful tool, designed to help you create the conception, pregnancy, labor and birth of your dreams. It is developed by Dr. Catherine Shainberg, PhD, and consist of beautiful, quick and simple imagery exercises that will help you directly communicate with the creative force inside you—to easily and enjoyably create the birth you desire.

What is Imagery?

Dr. Catherine Shainberg explains that Imagery is the first language of the body. She says that the body doesn’t understand words as well as it does pictures. ‘’You can’t tell your heart to beat less quickly, but with imagery you can learn to quiet the heartbeat, lower high blood pressure or stop premature contractions.’’ And those are only few examples of what Imagery can help you achieve.

With DreamBirth, you have the control of your birth experience. This truly incredible method is a great match to your Hypnobirthing tools and will add to and complete your birth preparation perfectly. Thus you can be even more sure that you are more than ready to experience the birth you have always wanted and dreamed of. The birth you deserve.


With the Dreambirth Imagery method, you will:

  • Learn how to see and communicate with your baby throughout your pregnancy

  • Transform your birth environment so you feel most comfortable and at ease

  • Help your baby be in the optimum position, ready for birth

  • Remove and transform your fears

  • Reduce/eliminate pain during labour

  • Learn how to heal quickly post-partum

  • Minimize side effects of medication

  • Bond and establish deeper intimacy between you and your partner and your baby

It is a very simple, yet very powerful method that has proved its tremendous efficiency.

Dr. Catherine Shainberg is a psychologist, healer, visionary and teacher who has a private practice in New York City. In her 40 years’ experience, she has taught thousands of students around the world and created revolutionary tools for clearing physical and emotional disorders.

There is no greater experience for a woman in her lifetime than giving birth. May this incredible journey of yours be filled with excitement, love, power and confidence. You are the creator of every part of this experience. Believe, dream and make it a magic one!