Taking colostrum during pregnancy can help it go very smoothly and is especially beneficial for the right development of the placenta and also in case the baby is not developing well enough. It helps the prevention of abortion in the later months as it has a regenerative and supportive influence on all tissues of mother and baby. Colostrum is not only safe for all pregnant women but for the babies as well. It can also help improving the physical appearance of the expecting mothers and protect from pathogens and protect the baby in the uterus. The immune defence during pregnancy is relatively weak and women are more vulnerable towards illness. The immune factors as IgG in colostrum strengthen the immune system of the mother and protect from flu, pneumonia and etc and also improve the immunity of the baby as they cross the placenta. IgG antibodies can be found in the tissue fluids. They are the smallest size but are greater in quantity – 75 to 80% of all antibodies in the organism. IgG antibodies have very important role in fighting virus and bacteria infections and are the only antibodies that can pass the placenta and protect the baby.


During pregnancy, the placenta provides food to the baby. It also produces great number of other hormones which have a huge impact on the normal body response to insulin. This condition is called 'insulin resistance'. Most pregnant women do not suffer from gestational diabetes as the pancreas starts to produce additional quantity of insulin to be able to compensate the insulin resistance. But when the pancreas fails to produce more insulin, the blood sugar levels remain extremely high and the mother is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The colostrum that the Aquasource company produces contain insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, which is has a very good influence on the insulin resistance.


The Aquasource colostrum can be really trusted and you can be sure that it is obtained by the most ethic and moral way that it can exist. Colostrum is actually more close to the blood than to the content of milk. Imagine a food source which includes all essential for the immune system factors, plus growth factors and numerous minerals and vitamins. Imagine a food source, which can fight and remove bacterial invasions in the digestive tract. Imagine a food source, which contains insulin-like factor of growth (IgF-1), which can contribute to a higher physical stamina among sports people. All these and many other ingredients are actually present in the Colostrum produced by Aquasource – Colactive. Produced from the purest sources available, Colactive is a food substance, present in the first milk, with which all mammals feed their newborns. Aquasource Colostrum is sourced from the South West of US where there is clean air and soil and the cows are fed with food that is absent of pesticides and antibiotics.


Colactive is produced by extraction in clinical settings under higher standards. It contains all vital ingredients and the product can be defined as the first food source for the human immune system.


More benefits of Colactive:


helping the effective usage of energy

firming and building flabby muscles

helping fast recovery after illness or exercise

maintaining strong immune system and antiviral activity

stimulating the recovery of the tissues and regeneration of hurt or deformed areas of the digestive system

stimulating the growth and development of muscular and bone cells

stimulating the recovery of the tissues and the recovery of damaged areas


There are so many truly inspiring stories of healing of various poor health conditions with the help of Colactive. The last I could remember was epilepsy in small children. When I have the chance, I will post some interesting stories so you can have the idea of what colastrum can actually do in real life.


You can also use it for beauty purposes. It does improve the skin, hair and nails and prevents ageing. You can also experiment and make your own face and hair masks and see the results yourself. I haven't done that yet but will sure try it in the near future.


There are two colostrum products of Aquasource. Please see the links below for more information and if you would like to order directly.