Essential Fatty Acids


Our bodies need a range of essential fatty acids to operate properly. The fatty acids are part of the content of our body fats (lipids) and play a significant role in building of the cellular membranes. In this regard, they are essential for:


1.The correct functioning of the membrane pump function thus controlling the passage of nutrients from and toward the cell and protecting it from various destructive agents.


2.The interaction of each cell with different chemical transmitters of information via the receptors, situated on the cellular membrane


It is especially important to take fatty acids during pregnancy and breast–feeding. Research prove that the fatty acids are able to overcome inflammatory processes and to improve autoimmune disorders. They actively participate in the building and maintaining of a stable immune defence both in children and adults and are essential for the development of the eyes and and brain of the baby.

 The essential fatty acids are not produced by our bodies and has to be taken with food. They are separated in two different groups: Omega 3 and Omega 6 and their main role is that they are the starting product for production of tissues and some of the endocrine hormones. The fatty acids are regulators of all vital physiological functions. Their regular intake as food supplement has several proved beneficial effects including:


delaying the ageing of the cells


helping decrease high blood pressure


improving the functioning of the psycho-nervous-endocrine-immune system


helping the decrease of body weight through burning of harmful fats


stimulating growth and protect from disease


helping maintain normal hormonal balance


cholesterol metabolism


maintaining heart health


maintaining healthy skin


maintaining supple joints


sustaining energy and well being


improving the resistance to cold and maintaining body temperature


protecting from toxins, bacteria, viruses and allergies


regulating blood sugar and protect from diabetes


participating in the production of haemoglobin

Everyone can experience fatty acids deficiency as a result of the heat – processed food and the refining of the plant fats. At least 3% of our daily calories has to come from essential fatty acids and during pregnancy and breast-feeding, this amount should be doubled.


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