Green Blue Algae, Spirulina and Alfa Alfa

Green Energy


This is a high-quality universal cellular food, a synergistic combination of Blue Green Algae AFA, Spirulina and ecologically pure Alpha-alpha. A true nature miracle.


Let's take a look separately at each of these compounds so we can have a better view of all the benefits:


Blue Green Algae – Afanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA)- from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA is the most complete, concentrated and bio available green food on the planet from the cleanest, least polluted lake in the world. AFA possesses a specific nutritive profile and many other qualities which out-stands the rest of its kind – low calories and easy digestibility of the cell ingredients, hight protein volume, organically connected minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, immune-stimulating cocktail of antioxidants that are essential for fighting degenerative and malignant sufferings.


Some benefits from regular intake of AFA:


more energy

improved sleep

release of psychic stress

increase of the immune defence

improvement of the skin, hair and nails

improvement of concentration and brain activity

improvement of the functions of the digestive system

decrease of insatiable appetite



This is another type of blue-green algae which is actually a complete, healthy and easily digested cellular food. It consists of more than 100 nutritional compounds, 60% of which proteins, non replaceable vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids.

The spirulina strengthens all organs and systems, improves the immune system and relieves stress and depression. Extremely rich in beta carotene, vitamin B12 and vit E and also gamma-linolenic acid which aboslutely essential for the development of babies. It is the most highly present in mother's milk and after that in spirulina – that is why it is also called ''The mother's milk of the planet''.

Spirulina is also rich ( around 50 times richer than spinach ) of organic iron, completely non – toxic and easily digested. This makes it extremely benefitial for the blood. Spirulina's rich mineral content is also very important for maintaining healthy skin, bones, nails and teeth.

This algae is also alcalne and helps the body to maintain optimum PH. Thanks to unhealthy eating habits and the intake of too many processed and overcooked foods and fizzy drinks, our bodies have become too acidic. That is one of the main reasons to suffer from poor health. In order to be healthy, we need to maintain a good alcalne – acidic balance. AFA and spirulina can help greatly in achieving this balance.

Spirulina is a wonderful food for everyone and it has a beneficial effect on our organism as a whole. It is extremely valuable and useful during pregnancy and breastfeeding, babies and small children.




Alpha-alpha is well known as the most-nutritional food on earth. It is a champion among plants in content of minerals, proteins and chlorophyll. It stimulates the stamina of the body and mind, helps the increase of body weight, improves self-esteem. It also helps the regulation of cholesterol and nourishes the liver, kidneys, the reproductive glands and muscles.

The alpha-alpha increases the quantity and quality of breastfeeding mums and during pregnancy improves the assimilation of the food and the feeding of the fetus.

The combination of alpha-alpha and blue green algae makes it the most powerful food for the mind and body and also it gives an excellent overall energizing, toning, nourishing and healing effect.

All these three superpower foods are combined in the Green energy product that is presented on the market by the English company ''Aquasource''. This is the company that I personally trust the most for supplying high-quality organic algae products and super foods. Its ''Bioactive Dehydration process is a proprietary drying process that dehydrates algae to a powder with virtually no degradation of nutritional elements, colour, aroma or flavour.

You can read more about the company and its products at the link below. It's a family run company that has been on the market for more than 20 years and has been very loyal and true to its mission to promote healthier lifestyles through natural means.

I really do recommend Green energy to be taken by all pregnant and breast-feeding mums who would like to preserve their health and to give the best to their children. Green energy is best combined with the intake of Essential fatty acids about which you can read further down. These products are completely safe, natural, unharmful and non-toxic which is extremely important for pregnant women and children.

We should not forget though that we are not talking about medicine, but food, which is an elixir for every human being and has to be taken for prophylaxis and the maintenance of good health, self-esteem, vitality and energy.

If you wish to order, you can do it directly from the link below: