healthy nutrition during pregnancy
healthy diet and superfoods during pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy


We are what we eat. During pregnancy, this well-known fact has even greater meaning as we are responsible for creating a new life and giving your baby the best possible nutrients to build his/her body. This is a serious task and should be considered daily.


The food today is not the same as it used to be in the past – it is far more poor in nutrients and full of chemicals, hormones and pesticides. That is why it is so important to add additional organic plant based super food supplements to our diet and also to start shopping our veg&fruits and diary from certified organic farms when possible.


I will present here my most favourite must take super foods so you will have a smooth, easy, active and joyful pregnancy. I had such a wonderful pregnancy that there were even times I forgot I was pregnant and I was already at the end of my 8th month. And this is all a matter of choice to stay active, exercise, be positive and eat good!


It is also very important to inform yourself well about the difference between synthetic vitamins and supplements and the organic plant based ones. The first option is the one that you can buy from every pharmacy and shop. These vitamins are often really cheap and promise a lot but the truth is that they are synthetically produced and your body does not recognize them and just throws them out of your system with the urine. This can be easily proved when you test yourself for the levels of vitamins and minerals before and after you take such products. Your money simply goes into the toilet.


Unlike the synthetic health supplements, the organic plant based ones are fully processed and recognized by your body and all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients go directly to your cells and systems, nourishing them and also helping them detox from all unnecessary waste products.


Considering all the above, please for your well-being and the well-being of your baby, do your own research and choose well! Nature has it all and this is the best choice you can make as your body is an unique complete self-healing system and all we need usually is just to keep it clean and well nourished.


You can see from the drop down menue above under Nutrition, a choice of pregnancy must have super food supplements that have been tested and proved to give amazing results on the well-being of moms to be and the developing babies by physicians and homoeopaths in UK and around the globe. I have tested them myself and can not recommend them strongly enough. Of course, have in mind that these are natural food supplements and not meds and you should always seek medical advice if they are right for you. These super foods do not have any side effects and can not be overdosed.

superfoods during pregnancy