Magic comes your way

Well, there is hardly anything more magical than being pregnant and feeling a human being growing inside you. Nothing like it really and a true miracle. At first you do not believe as you can not feel or see anything but once you feel baby's first moves....and moreover you can see are overwhelmed and you know that life will never be the same. Everyday is magic and full of wonder! I bet you will miss/or you already miss that time now and then. If you get upset or you have any problems...all you need to is to remember you are not alone anymore and all worries go away. Now is the time to dream, make plans and change all the things you have always wanted to change in your life but did not find the strength or enthusiasm to do so.

Your baby growing inside of you will give you so many moments of enlightment, joy, bliss, healing and new amazing ideas. If you just take a few moments every day just to sit and can prepare a special book and write everything that comes to your head at those special moments and you will see later what treasure that really is.

As a yoga teacher I can not recommend enough this very simple practice that will truly transform your life in every way and will later on help you with the challenges of motherhood - there will be a lot of them, believe me. So here it is - just devote 10 minutes in the morning, immediately after you wake up and 10 minutes at night, before going to sleep - just to sit still in silence, breath deeply with your back straight and eyes closed. Let your thoughts pass by, do not focus on them, just let go.....

At first will be very hard and you would want to quit immediately but after some practice you will see that you can sit in a complete silence and not think about anything....really no thought at all....It will feel really really good. And you will see everyday the changes happening inside and around you. You will feel focused, you will have more will be calm and patient. You will learn to let go and be so much more relaxed...even in very stressful situations. And all this just from 20 minutes a day, sitting in silence....another miracle:)

Your mind needs this time to recover and repair. It needs this break so can serve you so much better. Your mind is this super computer who can uplift you and create the life you have always dreamed of or really destroy you. You choose! Take care of your mind and feed it with love and beauty and positivity. And that is what you will have in your life. Mind over matter! You owe it to yourself and your unborn child. Your baby senses and feels everything that you sense and feel so make this a priority - make every moment a magic one! Be conscious, mindful and present every moment! And then every moment will be truly a magic one. Enjoy the little things and be grateful for all the wonderful things that you have in your life and appreciate them. Start from now and you will see where all this will take you.

And whenever you catch yourself having a negative thought....replace it with a positive straight away....Positive thoughts are so much more stronger and powerful than negative. When you turn that into habit, then your life will be truly transformed. Try, observe and see for yourself!



Your Magic Dream Birth

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