Orgasmic Birth? Why not?

I have been reading the past two days a truly inspiring book so just wanted to share with you some of the feedback women wrote about their births. The book is ''Orgasmic Birth'' by Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. I would say no more, just have a read below:

''THE ULTIMATE physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience! Such an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-respect. I once heard that birth has the potential to be about 7 years' worth of meditation to the human body. I truly believe this now. - Sarah L.

MY FEELINGS FOR GIVING BIRTH this way go beyond words. It is something so sacred, universal and expansive. I just feel there is no word big enough for it. It is spiritual in a manner that just cannot be accessed in any other way. It is so woman-ness to the raw core, and it taps into an ancient channel of women's history and mysteries that is so strong and so powerful that it has the potential to change the world. - Dina J.

BIRTH IS BEAUTIFUL, WILD, AND NATURAL EXPERIENCE....very empowering and pace-giving...heaven and earth touching. - Silvia P.

MY PERCEPTION CHANGED immensely from my first son's birthday (hospital caesarean) to my second son's birth (home,natural). I have come to see the medical world for what it is - a business - and have realized that birth is not something that needs or should belong to doctors, and that is actually a huge misfortune to not at least offer a woman and her family the opportunity to experience the power of birth without intervention. I no longer think of pain when I think of childbirth, as I was programmed to do by the world around me. Instead, I think of intimacy, love, strength, power, beauty, truth, effort, and reward. - Jenifer H.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! You owe it to your baby, your family, yourself, and the human race as a whole to do the work and own this process. It may be scary, but the results are incredible! - Genevieve S.

THE KEY ELEMENTS of my pleasurable birth experience? Giving birth on my own terms, in the comfort of my won home, and without fear. To have a truly ecstatic birth, you have to let go of fear. And that takes time in a culture where there is a deep-seated fear of childbirth, and for a mom (like me) who had a caesarean with her first birth, I couldn't birth freely with that first birth, nor with my VBAC, but with this birth, my third, I was able to completely let go and revel in the experience. - Kathryn H.

I FEEL POWERFUL in my skin and a true sense of awe about my body. I treasure my children for the role they played in birthing me as the mother and woman that I am today. - Coleen B. ''

I do not know about you, but all those powerful and honest words really moved me. I could not agree more and I feel so so sad that still only so few of us women are experiencing such beautiful and blissful birth experiences. We really ought to ourselves and to our babies to take control and respect and love ourselves so deeply that we choose the way we birth! No apologies, no compromises, just choose only what we really want and feel it is right for us. You always get, what you focus on! So let us shift this focus away from fear and choose love, trust and comfort and be open for the miracle of birth to unfold in it own pace and beauty....raw, undisturbed and powerful. Be brave and strong dear women in everything you do as you hold the wisdom of all women who have lived before and we owe it all the women for generations to come. No one can do the work instead of you! Take control and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, birth and the endless joy of motherhood! You will truly rediscover who you really are!

Love always,


Your Magic Dream Birth

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