What you focus on is exactly what you will get!

Well, you can try this statement in every moment of your daily life, but especially valid with any goals that you have or also in times of crisis when you just do not have any other option but to believe in the best possible outcome and hope for a miracle. And Of course for really special and one time life events like giving birth to your child!

We are often so in a hurry to get things done and so brainwashed with all the media around or sometimes even the people around us...so we just forget to focus on all the important and meaningful things in life. Monitoring our thoughts and mind is a habit that is worth cultivating. It will give you the power to have and live the life you have always dreamed of. Because even science has now proven that thought are material! What you focus on is what you get! Just try it here and now...try it on everything...to get the best parking space, to get on time even if you think there is no chance you can make it.....to stop your neighbour making so much noise...you can use the power of your mind! Just say what you want! I have an amazing experience that happened to me yesterday that can be unbelievable to many people but for me, in my reality....it was absolutely normal and expected in this situation of a complete crisis! So in brief, I was out and a bit tired and happened to leave my small pursue with all my essential possessions - phone, keys, car keys, documents with address, bank cards, cash...you can imagine.....all this in my small little purse that I left on a bench on a main street in the small town that I am living!.....I realized I didn't have my purse like 20 min later....and when I went to check at that bench.....it was all gone.....so I looked everywhere....nope...gone! So I just cleared my mind and the only thought I had was - I am getting back my purse with everything in it! So I just repeated that constantly in my mind.....and when I got back home, I met my neighbours and they said that a lady came to look for me as she had my purse!!! So, what a perfect timing....I almost never meet my neighbours but this time, I just did and if I did not I would not know that my bag is safe and this lady is looking for me! In 15 min I got my bag safely as the woman finally found me and I was just crying from joy and gratefulness and hugging her like crazy! She was an angel and really saved me from so much trouble! So this is just another amazing proof that what you believe in is shaping your reality! My partner was with me at that time and he was a bit negative and saying I would never get my bag....but that was in his mind....not mine! Life is incredible. Such events have happened to me a few times and it never stops to amaze me how every time, I just always get what I focus on! Believe, believe, from the bottom of your hearts and beings and you will have always the best outcome! That is valid so much during labour and birth. It can be the most fascinating, transforming, empowering and blissful experience of your life! You have 9 months to work on your mind-set and focus, focus, focus! You are together with your baby in this incredible adventure...so work in a team, together, prepare and enjoy! You can do it! Hypnobirthing and imagery can help you achieve all that! Do get in touch and let's make the plan of your Magic Dream Birth!

P.S Of course, it will be best if we do not do such silly things like leaving your purse behind somewhere but we all have silly moments and may be even though that is not typical at all for me ...it all may be happened to teach me again....just not be so hard on myself and that I can achieve anything when I put my thoughts on it!



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