The power of Dreambirth Imagery

Hello beautiful ladies! Today I would like to share with you some of the experiences of my Imagery teacher Claudia Raiken. She has shared inspiring stories of the power of Imagery and how those easy and quick exercises can influence our bodies during pregnancy and birth. Here is below what Claudia has shared about back labor and cord wraps. So ladies, if you are experiencing any of those issues, the stories below can give you hope and encourage you to try Imagery.

''The “Rehearsing the Birth” exercise alone is responsible for my remarkably small number of back labor problems. Out of 200 births only one was a back labor, and only for part of the time. (In the United States the normal incidence of back labor is about 30%.) “Rehearsing the Birth” is also responsible for a decrease in cord wrap. When we first devised the exercise, we had no not included the cord ‘freely floating.’ but after attending a birth where the cord was wrapped not only around the neck but also around the leg, I suggested to Catherine that we needed to add something about this common occurrence.

Interestingly, when I do encounter a cord wrap, my client inevitably tells me that they had forgotten to visualize the cord freely floating.

One of my clients confided that when “practicing the birth,” she would be unable to visualize the cord freely floating and would see it all tangled up. I knew that we needed to pay attention to this, for inner sight (or the inner voice) is often quite accurate. Accordingly, I gave her an exercise where she could transform her arms and hands into light. This way she could go inside and untangle the cord. The next week I asked her if she was experiencing the same problem. She was relieved and reported that now the “ Rehearsing the Birth “exercise was quite easy.

Because the potential problem had been averted, I had no definite proof at the time of whether the cord was wrapped or not, but I recalled the incident when I received definite verification that the exercise to unwrap a tangled cord worked.

A previous client, who had moved back to Chile, called me long distance, in obvious distress. She was pregnant with her second child, due in a few weeks, and the ultra-sound had shown that the cord was wrapped several times not only around the neck, but also around the left leg.

I had her do the DreamBirth® exercise to untangle the cord and reminded her of the exercise we used to rehearse the birth. She asked if she should keep untangling the cord. Experience has proved that the imagery can work right away, so I encouraged her to “practice the birth” and only untangle the cord if she had trouble seeing it ‘freely floating’ in that exercise.

Two weeks later she emailed me that the most current ultrasound had shown the cord to be freely floating. She had an easy, uneventful birth very shortly afterwards.

Another general ‘success’ must be attributed to DreamBirth’s® “Rehearsing the Birth” exercises. This exercise is responsible for the descent of many babies thought highly improbable by the doctor in charge''

By Claudia Raiken

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Incredible, isn't it? if you need to learn more about Imagery, do get in touch and I will be happy to answer all your questions!

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