A simple tool to achieve your perfect Birth

Ladies, it is time to take control - over your thoughts, your mind, your life and YES, YOUR BIRTH! Our thoughts create our life. And that is actually great! You have the power to design your life the way you have always wanted and experience The Birth you have always dreamed of!

Our mind does not accept anything for real unless we see it as a clear image. That is right. Our body and mind speaks through images. If we want to take control over our mind and body, we just need to learn to speak to their own language - Images!

We all visualize things all the time - every day and every minute. 90% of the information coming from our senses is visual. Such are also at least half of our memories. Therefore, we are actually visualizing constantly, whether we realize it or not.

We visualize in our minds different things, in order to plan and manage our lives. When we plan to travel to somewhere, for example, does not matter if you know the place or not, you are visualizing it first, as also the way to it. You are using your skill to visualize. If someone is asking you how to reach a certain destination, you will describe the route while visualizing it in your mind at the same time.

When you decide to cut the grass, to cook dinner or buy new clothes, to clean your house, tell a joke, describe a movie or a book, you always switch on your imagination and just visualize. Your inner sight works all the time.

When we decide to so something, which we really want, and we visualize it with a focused mind, with faith and desire, this really activates powerful forces. The creation of a particular reality using visualization is a natural process, which we all use unconsciously.

So, considering all of the above, why not use the power of visualization consciously to create the reality we want and the attract the outcomes we want?

So, I have a suggestion for you! Make a new habit! When you wake up in the morning, take just 5 min to visualize and see your perfect birth. See it vividly, with all the tiny details....what will you be wearing...who will be with you...when will your labor start? How long it would be? What will you say to your baby when you hug him for the very first time....You can write down everything,

in a present tense and read and visualize it daily. See it, live it! You have nothing to loose, but only gain! Do not get attached....this is just like dreaming...

This practice will bring you so much confidence and joy. I can tell from my own experience that my labor started exactly at midnight...the way I have always imagined it! And it was all progressing quite quickly - again, what I have also imagined...

But be aware, do not get attach...just play with the images and enjoy and be open and flexible to what is actually happening when the time comes. But you will be amazed, how actually everything happens the way you have actually visualized it...

Our minds hold incredible power! Use it!

I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, to experience the most Magic, Blissful Birth, that you have always Dreamed Of!

You and your baby deserve it!

Because your birth matters!

Love always,


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