Shaping your baby's Body and Character while still in Utero.

Yes, have that power! You shape your baby's body and character with your thoughts, your expectations, your believes, your visions about him/her and your LOVE!

The prenatal period is actually the most important one and now is the moment to spend time getting to know your baby. Now is the time to speak, think and visualize only the best for the little human growing inside of you. Talk to your baby daily and tell him how amazing and special he/she is, how perfectly healthy he/she is developing and how much you love him/her.

Visualize and tell your baby all the great virtues and features you want him/her to have. You can visualize everything from the color of his hair and eyes, his height, body type and etc...if that is important to you, why not? Just play with it...I can tell from my personal experience that I have visualized my son having greenish eyes all the way through pregnancy....and guess what? He has the most amazing greenish/grayish eyes. And most of both our families, with my partner have dark not big chance really of him coming up with that greenish colour? But hey, the Universe is amazing and you as a woman and a mother,yes YOU are an incredible creator and can shape your baby's body and character for the better and worse... So use this power to give him the best that you are capable of!

This topic has been widely scientifically researched and proven over time. The programs and believes you put into your baby while still in Utero are truly shaping his body and character and all of his life ahead.

Make a list of all the great virtues and features that your would like your baby to have and read to him/her daily, in a present tense as it is real and true! Because it is, really!

Also, be very mindful about everything that you are feeling and experiencing during your pregnancy as your baby is feeling and experiencing exactly the same but the big difference is that your baby does not understand where those feelings come from and how to deal with them. So, talk to your baby and let him/her know what you are feeling and why and reassure him/her that he/she is loved and protected always and those feelings and emotions are not because of him/her! That is really important so your baby would not feel stressed and worried.

Touch and stroke your belly all the time. This will make your baby feel loved and cared for!

All the mums who have taken the time to communicate with their babies while still in Utero, have reported later that they can see clearly the results and have regretted not spending more time on this early prenatal connection.

So, start now! You have in your power those amazing gifts that you can give to your baby and make sure he is destined to have a blissful, rich, meaningful and happy life and be a true inspiration for everyone around and for the whole world!

Love always,


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