Just some fun bump yoga in the morning

Hola! Well, wanted to post that in the morning but whatever...better later than never! I was trying to make time for yoga for a few days and today was my lucky day....honestly if you want to do something ladies....just sit down and bloody do it...no excuses at all. If you do not do it, even in the most imperfect moment....then you eventually end up never doing it. That is the case with my yoga routine during this second pregnancy. Life is always teaching us so many lessons but for me the greatest one was just to learn to relax and flow like water, be flexible and kind to myself and just slow down.....HOW???!!??? When I have a 20 month old to look after, who never stops....Well, it is still possible...you just need to adjust, like with everything else:)

We are all different and find challenges in different things. For me, a great challenge is to be organized and stay calm despite the chaos that is going on around me. Life can be perfect in its imperfection....Then I realize, the main chaos is not outside, but inside of me! And it is all a matter of perception and choice!

So anyway, as a yoga teacher, I am really blessed to be able to do yoga at home at my own pace....I would love to go to yoga classes but so far not lucky as all the classes are in the wrong time:( pfff....so here we go, I have to inspire and push myself alone.

If I look peaceful at this pic...yes you are right! I am....Today was one of those days that I said...whatever, i am just gonna enjoy every second of it....so I had an hour to do yoga but with my little one around playing I just did only 15 min....which was great:) and enough...sometimes 3 minutes is just fine, believe me:)

So, with the help of yoga (you can use any other kind of physical activity that feels right for you...) rare moments of meditation, breathing, hypnobirthing....imagery....I have finally learned to slow down and enjoy and take it easy and be patient with my son and be available for his needs ( that is still in progress, as it is so so hard!!!).

We have been raised to be always striving for something, achieving goals, pretending, wearing masks, always on the run.....for where??? Are you happy? Especially now that you are pregnant? Life and happiness is not in the past, not in the future, not in your sparkling clean home and homemade meals.....it is here and now, in this very moment, enjoy your tea/coffee....still undressed, messy hair...living room and kitchen that may seem that has just been under a bomb attack (from someone's messy hands and feet )...enjoy that moment.....and when you have felt the peace and quiet and the bliss of the moment of just being here and now....then just go and do whatever has to be done....and still be in the moment and enjoy....laugh, smile, play, dance, be kind...be the real you! No judgement, no expectations....

So yeah, NAMASTE! Love yourself so deeply because you are simply amazing and just enough!...

I love you and that is for sure....as we are all one and always connected!

Love always,


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