Organic Vit D during pregnancy

Vitamin D


There exists a magical substance which can successfully overcome cancer, heart diseases, tuberculoses and diabetes. It does not cost anything, it can be obtained for minutes and can be stored in the body for months. What is it? That is definitely Vitamin D, which is produced by exposing the skin to direct sunlight.


In order to get sufficient amount of this vitamin, we need to be outside under the sun for at least 30 minutes during the summer months. From September till April, people in Europe are not able to receive this vitamin as the UV rays B type do not reach the Earth surface. That is why many of us suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. During pregnancy, this can lead to abortions, early deliveries and underweight babies.


New researches show that there is a connection between the levels of vitamin D, the higher blood pressure and early pre-eclampsia. The early pre-eclamptic is a condition related to higher blood pressure and higher amount of fluids in the body and is especially dangerous in pregnancy before 34 weeks. The only solution is emergency delivery and that is the cause of 15% of all early births in US. This can be avoided by simply being more responsible and being informed about the significance of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not an ordinary vitamin. It is considered a pre hormone, which is activated in the liver and the kidneys. It performs a gene-regulative function, especially during pregnancy. It actively participates in maintaining the mineral balance and thanks to its role we have enough calcium and phosphorous in our blood. Th UV rays are the main source of this vitamin but we can also supply it with some foods like liver, butter, milk, cream, egg yellows and etc.


Increasing the levels of vitamin D in our bodies can immediately lower the risk of pre-eclampsia with 63% and also cut half way the percent of pre term deliveries. It can lower with 25% the respiratory infections among women like flues and colds and also gum and vaginal infections. Children who take regularly vitamin D after birth more rarely have colds and eczemas.


It is found that over 87% of the newborn and over 67% of mothers have low levels of vitamin D. That is why it is very important for expectant mothers to take additional amounts of this vitamin, especially during the winter months.

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