Why would you choose HypnoBirthing?

Simply because it works with no exception and has an enormous benefit for mums, partners and babies. We would always choose the best for our loved ones and Birth has a tremendous life time impact on every human being. As the famous French obstetrician Michel Odent say ''To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born''. If we, mothers, welcome our children into this world being calm, alert and drug free, then babies will too feel calm and safe and adjust quickly to their new life. So wouldn't you do what it takes to give the best start in life to your baby?

Some of the benefits of HypnoBirthing are:

For Mums;

  • Having deep understanding of both the physiological and psychological aspect of labor and its stages;

  • Labor is often shorter and more comfortable – some mums report that they experienced no pain, simply pressure.

  • Optimum release of the unique cocktail of birth hormones that support bonding and breastfeeding.

  • Mum feels empowered and euphoric and often says she can do it again straight away!

  • According to research, a positive birth experience significantly lessens the chances of experiencing post-natal depression symptoms;

  • Mum recovers faster;

For Partners:

  • Having deep understanding of both the physiological and psychological aspect of labor and its stages;

  • An incredible opportunity to experience and establish a stronger bond with mum;

  • Knowing how to provide adequate support and help to the laboring mum;

  • Feeling useful, actively involved and important to his partner and the birthing process;

  • Being the voice of his partner and thus giving her the chance to be in her bubble of love and harmony and protecting her space.

  • Many Dads/partners also feel euphoric and empowered by helping their partner achieve her Dream Birth.

For Baby:

  • Baby is welcomed into this world in a calm and gentle way.

  • Hypnobirthing babies often do not cry when born and are more alert and relaxed.

  • HypnoBirthing babies tend to have a better sleep and start to sleep sooner through the night.

  • Baby will arrive free from trauma

  • Vaginally delivered babies experience an all over vigorous massage which aids breathing and circulation

  • In the Golden Hour baby will instinctively crawl towards mum’s breast to feed & will have the energy to do so

  • When born vaginally, baby benefits from mum’s friendly bacteria from the birth canal.

The Hypnobirthing course will help you to take informed decisions regarding your entire antenatal and postnatal care at all times. It will not only cover any aspects taught in a standard childbirth education class but will also completely transform your idea of labor and birth and  equip you with the right tools.

You will learn :

  • The power of words

  • The sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system

  • How to make your mind and body work in synchrony

  • Breathing techniques

  • Birth physiology

  • Hormones and the importance they have.

  • Support with writing & explaining the purpose of a birth plan

  • Third stage labour

  • Breastfeeding information & support

  • Vitamin K

  • Self-hypnosis using deep relaxation & visualization techniques

  • Fear release & letting go of anxieties

  • Medications & interventions

  • Watch a selection of inspiring birth videos

  • Discuss any pregnancy & birth questions in a safe space

  • Dad (or birth partner) is warmly encouraged to attend and plays a very important role in your birth experience

This list is just a sample of subjects we cover during our time together.

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